The Start


A few months ago I came across Bea Johnson’s blog about her Zero Waste Home and was amazed by her lifestyle. Watching her made me think two things:

1. Wow, it’s really possible.

2. I wish I could live like this.

Of course Bea had a lifestyle that took her a good couple of years to adjust to and this is really important to remind yourself when you start embarking in this lifestyle, because it can become overwhelming.

I am temporarily living in Italy and my experience here has been a very positive one in the long run. As anywhere in the world, it has its good sides and bad sides, but let me tell you something, Italians do like their plastic and its been hard to move away from it but not totally impossible.

Although Italy does have some bulk stores they are mainly in big cities and unfortunately very far away from where I live. It would be easier if bulk was available. The problem arises when bulk is not an option but you still want to live a zero waste lifestyle.

Another difficult aspect in my quest is the fact that as a family with two kids, things can become even more complicated when trying to move away from our plastic society. Those of you with children will appreciate that it is a challenge 🙂

So with these issues in mind I decided to share my experience, in the hopes that I can inspire some of you reading this, that may be in the same situation as myself. These are my steps into a healthier and greener lifestyle, as I cannot bare to sit and watch the constant devastation being inflicted onto our planet.

I am playing my part no matter how small or insignificant it can seem, I am sure its the future and the right thing to do. Hope you can join me for this journey too.


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