Making the Shift


Although my head has made decisively its shift to live a zero waste life, in pratice the challenges are constant. My first internal debate began with a legitimate question:

Should I throw away all the plastic in my house or should I use these products until the end?

The answer hasn’t been simple. Although I believe this is a personal decision to make I can tell you that through my process, I decided to finish some products and other simply discard.

Some products I decided to finish before changing to a more sustainable option

On the look out for replacements I came across many new brands that promote a healthier alternative, but my feeling is that this movement, is starting to become a little like the organic movement a few years ago. The organic labelling is now a wealthy promoter of plastic packaging and for me this is the biggest contradiction out there.

There is always someone out there trying to make money of the “new trend”.

Stopped using exfoliator because wasn’t sure if scrubbing agent was plastic

Now, the majority of people who want to make changes to their lives, don’t have any time to make these produts themselves, yet they are offfered a not so sustainable option after all. Having a closer look this is what you are still getting:

  • Too expensive
  • Wrapped in plastic
  • Still contain toxic ingredients

It has taken me a few good days, searching for good options, taking into account the ecological footprint when ordering online from abroad.

My advice for anyone in the same situation would be to follow these steps:

1. Start with one section of your house and make a list of items that will soon need replacing. Start searching online or around your area, you’re not buying yet, you’re just scouting.

2. Save items that grab your attention for any particular reason (use your camera phone to save stuff, shopping lists or online carts) I use instagram to save interesting posts I find and then later go back to them, when I’m ready to make a purchase or to deepen my knowledge of the product.

My priorities when buying are:

  1. Do I really need to buy this?
  2. No Packaging
  3. Ingredients
  4. Price
  5. Local

Hope this can help you in some way but remember, the point is your intention to change and with intention comes action.


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