Before deciding to make a comitment to change our lifestyle I was very aware of the plastic epidemic our world is currently facing, but I simply believed there was no way around it. That we as a society we’re doomed to suffocate in our own “technological advancement”.

Little did I know how wrong I was. There is a movement happening right now and you too can and should get involved. Social Media platforms have brought us together. We are now all connected and determined to change our society. This connectedness only emphazises this movement even more, as we realise our indivudual efforts are not alone. Little by little, we are the change the world needs.

That does not mean the road to change is easy, or that we don’t feel desperate sometimes. My weekly produce shopping has become some what of a struggle in finding the best options for my family whilst moving into a zero waste lifestyle. I find myself going to 2 or 3 different businesses in order to keep my waste to a minimum. Do not be fooled – I am still very far from living zero waste, but be assured I am doing my absolute best in keeping my comitment.

Going to a supermarket and walking through ailes of plastic is truly depressing. Looking at people’s shopping cart and see it filled with plastic makes me wonder what will it take to change our habits.


Of course we as consumers should buy as a politcal act but sometimes this is simply not possible. There might not be bulk or farmers markets options close to where you live. Or we might have such a busy schedule that the thought and effort of putting a zero waste life into practice just makes you feel overwhelmed.


But here are some steps we can all take, with a simple email, phonecall or conversation:

  • We have to demand our goverments to make laws simply prohibiting the manufacturing of single use plastic. One country (France) has already done this so there is no reason why more aren’t doing the same.
  • We have to questions brands and their packaging design. Contact them asking why are they producing so much single use waste and what their plans are for a change.
  • Write to your local supermarket and again question them on their not so friendly environmental practices.
  • Talk to your family and friends about our plastic epidemic and show them what you’re doing to be part of the solution.
  • Inspire your kids. Talk to them and explain how crucial our choices are for their future.
  • Keep yourself connected to the change gamers out there. Follow accounts that inspire and educate you. Be part of the movement start your own sharing!


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