Don’t beat yourself up if you forget that item, be it a napkin, a straw or a container so you can take home your lefovers, as the world won’t end because of it. At the end of the day millions of plastic packaging is going to be thrown out to the trash on that same day. But don’t let it make you surrender, because what we as consumers are doing is by far more important than the latter. We are the pioneers in an evolutionary change of consciousness. We are merely planting seeds, and just like seeds they might seem small and insignificant, but we all know what come out of them.

So next time you will do better. Next time you will be more organised and prepared for the unexpected, and this is what we must keep on saying to ourselves.

I am still learning as I guess all of you are but I would like to share with you my Kids Kit essentials when we’re out and about. (Please bear in mind that my kids are 5 and 8 yrs old so I’ve passed the nappy and the bring your own food for the baby phase!)



I usually take one that’s big enough for both of them and they usually share it. We do refills from tap water if we need to.


This was a must item to buy as they would have a melt down everytime I would refuse a plastic straw.

All the drama has dissapeared and they do love using them.


I take a couple of cloth napkins so we cut down on our use of paper napkins.


One thing I absolutely cannot bear is food waste. When we eat out all our leftovers come back with us in a small container. We strive to eat everything up but businesses keep pumping up the size of the individual portion. Sometimes depending on the place, we order the kids menu’s as they are substantially smaller or we order one plate for them to share. In Porto, where we live, there is a city hall campaign for restaurants to promote this action of taking home your leftovers, without any shame that might be associated with it. So in case you forget to bring along your container, the restaurant will provide you with a sustainable, biodegradeble option. I just love how they have set up an example!


After living in Italy for 3 years this was an essential 🙂 it was a always a struggle to refuse the plastic ones in our local gelataria. Most of the times we were unsuccessful, either they were to fast and stuck the plastic spoon on top, or they would use the plastic spoon to keep the icecream in place and just threw it out afterwards! It was painful, but eventually we were known as the ones who refused the plastic spoons, and would always receive a smirk from the owners.

So this is it. It doesn’t take much to cut out on some waste.


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