A Zero Waste Birthday – Is there such a thing? 

My youngest son just turned 6 years old and we had his birthday party at our house this year.

Where we live it has become increasingly uncommom for parents to throw a kids birthday party at home. The trend is to rent out special venues that host your childrens birthday party. Most of these venues are all but ecofriendly, having the irresponsible throw away culture we have unfortunately gotten used to. Its a poor choice in regards to food quality and in sustainability.

I’m still getting used to being back in Porto after living in Italy for three years. I miss the sense of community, the parents engagement with each other, promoting events and days out for the whole classroom. Everytime there was a birthday party, all parents would join in for the entire afternoon. Here its extremely uncommon for this to happen – at least that’s my experience.


We usually create a Whatsapp group at the start of the school year, so here is the perfect opportunity to reduce some waste with the invitations. Its also great to see other parents taking the same option. Its a win win situation, as we save on paper and save money too.


At home there is a bigger chance of reducing the amount of waste you create. I set the table without any tablecloth – that meant less washing. I used ceramic plates, silver cutlery and normal glasses and had to use paper napkins as I didn’t have enough cloth ones.



To drink there was water, lemonade and some juice, diluted with water and wine for the adults.

We are not vegetarians although we rarely eat meat at home, so to eat there were some fruit skewers, mini sausage rolls, bread with ham, chips, chocolate cake, cheese and bread, and another peach cake, which I didn’t manage to photograph.

Not the healthiest of options but hey, its a special ocasion!


The birthday cake was divine. It was freshly made of chocolate with a strawberry white cream. I used an old candle from my oldest son and placed some lego toys for some decoration.


What are your favourite tips on hosting a zero-waste birthday party for your child? 

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