In the last couple of years Zero Waste Shops have popped up almost everywhere inspired by the magnificent Bea Johnson. 

When I moved back to Porto there were a few places where you could buy bulk, including the local weekly farmer’s market but after just a few months I discovered Maçaroca Mercearia Viva.

This is a lovely space where you can find almost everything in bulk. They have a large selection of dried goods, fresh produce like eggs, fruit and vegetables, and last but not least you can even make your own peanut butter.

Although Maçaroca has a wide range of bulk there are still packaged goods but a very wise and careful selection of products that ultimately promote a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

Eveything is organic with a preference for Portuguese goods, which again is the most sustainable choice. Carbon footprint counts as much as bulk when choosing your groceries.

I prefer to make my own detergents but ocassionally I do buy some, so here they have a wide variety of bulk detergents, like fabric softners, laundry and washing detergents. Happier still because its closer to my house, that means less travelling too.

Ground coffee beans can be bought and grounded at the store too. If I had to make any observation to Maçaroca it would be the pricing that’s a bit high for the level of income a middle class person earns in Porto.

If we want people to live sustainably, this lifestyle has to be accessible to all and not just the priviledged ones.

Adding to the lovely decor there is also a small coffee, restaurant area where you can eat the most delicious vegetarian and vegan meals. A must place to visit if you are in Porto and looking for some bulk shops!

When you do visit, let me know in the comments what your thoughts were on this beautiful corner!

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