When eating out, I have come to realise that it will always be a struggle to reduce waste.

I have to constantly be on top of the orders, making sure waiters don’t give us unecessary trash and advising the kids on what to order.

It’s not always simple, it doesn’t always work, sometimes I’m not that fast and so I end up with the unwanted plastic straw or the ridiculous amount of paper napkins.

As a means of reducing waste when we go out, I have adopted the Zero Waste Travel Pouch which comes in very handy when you’re on the go.

Open pouch

This pouch was designed and produced by myself.

It’s made of 100% sturdy cotton and two ealstic bands. There’s enough space for cutlery, napkins, sushi sticks, stainless steel straws and any other object you might think of you need when dining out.

It’s totally adapatble to your purse, backpack or baby’s travel bag.

Pouch rolls up
Pouch is closes tight with two elastic bands

I think this is a very useful accessory in our journey to making less waste as a family. My kids love to adapt it to our days out, inserting what they think is most useful for the ocasion. I’m so glad that this is helping them be conscious of the changes we each individually have to make on a daily basis.

Another of its functionality is that it becomes a placemat once you remove the objects. You simple turn it on its back and you can place your plate on top of it!

Here is another chance to reduce waste by refusing the paper placemat.

Zero Waste Christmas Present

Yes, it’s also a great Zero Waste Christmas present for your friends and family members.You’re in luck as I have a bundle of them to purchase. Each Zero Waste Travel Pouch is €15 + shipping costs.

If you’re interested in acquiring one, just send me a message either through email or via my social media account.

I would love to see these pouches help you reduce waste where ever you live, so please share with me your zero waste travel adventures!

What are your thoughts on this pouch? Do you think it will help you make less trash? Please share in the comments below!

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