School Strike for Climate

It was an absolute inspiration to see, feel and realise the amount of love, care and desire for change in the younger generation today at the #school4climatestrike

I took my 9 and 6 year old to their first strike. We made no signs of protest as we discussed that it was less trash to make. I think our presence was much stronger than the latter. To be honest I wasn’t expecting many people to turn up in front of the city hall of Porto but the outcome was simply amazing. To see the amount of kids that are sustainably conscious, fighting for action, realizing that what’s the point of being in school if the future is pretty doomed… What a strong message for our leaders and what a strong message from this generation.

Climate Strike for School in Porto
Climate Strike for School in Porto


Never would I imagined to witness this kind of worry from the younger kids, mainly 14 to 17 years old. So there is hope, they are the consumers of the future and what they’ll consume will be ethnical, sustainable, circular and organic. Listen up big corporations, if you want to continue to make the big bucks you better change your entire approach NOW.

School Strike for Climate in Lisbon

It was the best feeling my chidlren and myself as their mother to realise that there are other people out there who care about the environment and not only their mother.

On our day to day life we feel quite isolated, thinking that we are a speck of sand fighting the impossible fight. But still we persist, and inpsire each other, feeding our energy of each other. So you keep going, as I will, everyday a new mind will wake up and join us, this I am sure.


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